A Shipwreck A Castaway - Life In General ANCHOR EIGHTY FOUR RELEASES



A Shipwreck A Castaway has come a long way from their initial beginnings in Riverside, CA. Over the past year the band has released new material as an early hint of what was to come, accompanied by non-stop touring over the west coast and southwest .

In 2011 A Shipwreck A Castaway took all of their influences, travels, and life lessons in to one melting pot to deliver their new EP 'Life In General'. An EP that is full of heart, sing-a-longs, and of course the mosh.

1.) I've Got A Bad Feeling About This
2.) I Love You...I Know
3.) It's A Trap
4.) More Machine Than Man
5.) Set Blasters...

For Fans Of: A Day To Remember, New Found Glory, Set Your Goals