Coastwar - Good Head Starts, Bitter Ends ANCHOR EIGHTY FOUR RELEASES



The majority of the pop punk community is already familiar with (or at least should be) The Story So Far, but now there is another up-and-coming pop punk band from Walnut Creek, California called COASTWAR. Coastwar, formerly Stateside, released their EP entitled Good Head Starts, Bitter Ends on Bandcamp on May 22nd via Anchor Eighty Four Records. Instrumentally, Coastwar sounds like a combination of The Story So Far and Heart To Heart, while the vocals are similar to Stickup Kid, and at times, Seahaven.

These CDs were only made for Coastwar's summer shows with The Story So Far, Seahaven, Stickup Kid, and Troubled Coast back in the good 'ol days when TSSF were still playing small ass DIY venues. There were only 100 made (with the "Stateside" name on the cover) and we have just a few left. Get one before they are gone!

RIYL: The Story So Far & Seahaven

1.) Mayweather
2.) Like We Always Did
3.) Smokestacks
4.) Sleep and Reason
5.) Pacifica
6.) Avila