We Still Dream- Something To Smile About AEF 0020


"This five-piece pop punk band from Jacksonville, Florida has released their sophomore album and these infectious and catchy songs just get better as you listen to them. The band plays speedy, but intelligent songs that will get you singing along and put a smile on your face.

With great lead, background and gang vocals, speedy licks, bouncing bass and banging drums, these guys are making their mark in the over stuffed pop punk genre. They don’t try to copy any bands, instead they take all of their influences and grind them into a mixture that will have the connoisseur among you hungry for more from them. Song after song could be hits if radio would take chances with bands nowadays, but instead you will have to grab a copy of this album and play the hell out of it and get your friends to buy a copy as well." - New Noise Magazine

1.) Happily Never After
2.) Things You Do
3.) Back To Then
4.) Closer Look
5.) Tendencies
6.) Ups and Downs
7.) Sanity (Growing Up)
8.) Convince Me
9.) So Much Worse
10.) Turnaround
11.) Better Than This
12.) Dissipate

Pressing Info ::
10 - Test
100 - Black
150 - Green w/ Cream Swirl
250 - Creamsicle